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Watkins Black Pepper

The Watkins original! Our exclusive granulating process generates less heat, preserving more of the essential oils.

As with coffee beans and wine grapes, varieties of peppercorns can have different flavor characteristics that are dependent on climate, soil and growing conditions.

Malabar peppercorns, from India, are small, full-bodied, strong, aromatic, and a favorite of many.

Tellicherry peppercorns, from the Malabar region, are larger and milder, and considered the best for grinding fresh in a peppermill.

Lampong peppercorns, grown in Indonesia, have a very bold and pungent flavor - even stronger than Malabar.

Muntok pepper, a relative of Lampong, is grown exclusively for making white pepper.

The best black pepper comes from buying top-quality Malabar and Lampong peppercorns (the two most potent varieties), carefully screen out fillers and stems, then granulate them through our exclusive process, which creates less friction and preserves their high essential oil content.

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