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Watkins Gourmet Extracts

Watkins Gourmet Extracts are of the highest quality. The widest selection - the richest flavors. Over a century of expertise goes into these concentrated, realistic flavors that have been mainstays in our product line - and in kitchens everywhere - for generations. Watkins extracts have developed quite a following over the years; many discriminating home cooks wouldn't dream of using any other brand for their special cookies, cakes and pies. But why stop there? Our concentrated flavors have many uses in today's high-flavor/low-fat cooking style.

With Watkins extracts, add a dash of orange to a barbecue sauce or a cup of tea. Brighten up a rice pilaf or a glass of sparkling water with a hint of lemon. Add a rich butter flavor without fat to a batch of mashed potatoes, or a subtle hint of black walnut to a Waldorf salad dressing; lend a twist of lime to a Thai-inspired chicken marinade or a Caribbean salsa.

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