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Herbs, one of natures natural wonders!

Herbs consist of fresh leaves and stems or crumbled or powdered dried leaves. Spices consist of many other parts of the plant seeds, stems, roots, and berries, which have been dried;and can be whole, ground or powdered.

Dried herbs should be purchased only in the amount that can be used within two or three months, and should be stored away from heat. Herbs that have a musty or “flat” aroma should be discarded. For best results in your cooking, always try to find fresh leaves.

Dried herbs are also stronger than the fresh leaf variety. But herbs in leaf form will last longer than the dried variety.

Ground herbs and spices will keep their flavor for up to a year after purchase (opened or un-opened) as long as they were fresh when purchased and kept in a dry and cool place. If a herb or a spice has lost its flavor, it will have less aroma.

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