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Peach Extract, for that convenient peach flavor!

NOTICE - Unfortunately, Watkins no longer carries Peach Extract. If the situation changes we will post it here on our web site.

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Watkins peach extract is so fresh-tasting and so intense, you'll think it's right off the tree! Great in cookies and cakes, and excellent in iced tea.

Watkins delightful peach extract flavor enhances a wide variety of cookies and desserts. Only the best peach flavoring is used!

he widest selection - the richest flavors. Over a century of expertise goes into these concentrated, realistic peach extract flavors that have been mainstays in our product line - and in kitchens everywhere - for generations. Watkins peach gourmet extracts have developed quite a following over the years; many discriminating home cooks wouldn't dream of using any other brand for their special cookies, cakes and pies. But why stop there? Our concentrated flavors have many uses in today's high-flavor/low-fat cooking style.

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