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Vanilla, one of the most versatile, widely used flavors available!

Vanilla, as a flavoring, has been available commercially for more than 100 years.

The first documented use of the vanilla bean was as a key ingredient in a beverage and was first harvested in Mexico. Since then, vanilla has become more and more popular to more people. According to Beverage Industries 2000 Flavor Survey, use of vanilla is expected to go up in the coming year, with 58.5 percent of all respondents indicating they'll be using more vanilla this year.

Vanilla extracts were originally used to calm nerves and upset stomachs. Vanilla is one of the most complex tastes in the world and one of the most versatile.

Vanilla beans are grown in different parts of the world with the Madagascar vanilla bean being one of the most famous. Today, Vanilla comes in all shapes and forms.

  • Vanilla flavor is a mixture of vanilla extract with other synthetic substances.

  • Imitation Vanilla is made from synthetic materials that imitate the smell of natural vanilla smell and taste.

  • White vanilla is a favorite of bakers. It's great for wedding cakes and other pastries that benefit from it's white coloring.

  • Any Many Others....

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