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Watkins Vanilla Conditioning Shampoo

Vanilla Conditioning Shampoo. Our new two-in-one formula features a built-in conditioner to clean, detangle and moisturize.

After availability issues with a raw materials supplier caused us to re-design our hair care products, Watkins hit one (actually two) out of the park with our new Aloe & Green Tea Daily Shampoo and Conditioner. Now, using the same care and technology, Watkins has developed a new two-in-one conditioning shampoo. Like the previous formula, it contains vanilla...but the rosemary has been replaced with much more:

Oak bark contains natural tannins to seal the cuticle of the hair. Roman chamomile and sandalwood help soften the hair and soothe sensitive scalp. Even Watkins Vanilla Extract contributes more than just a delightful scent; vanilla beans are high in naturally-conditioning polysaccharides.

It’s not only the best we’ve ever made; it just may be the best ever.

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