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Watkins White Vanilla

Watkins has captured a true, rich, full-bodied white vanilla flavor in a clear formula that won't darken baked goods like wedding cakes. Like our Original Double-Strength Vanilla, it's double strength, bake-proof and freeze-proof, so you get all the flavor you want—without the color you don't. Certified Kosher.

The premium-grade Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans deemed worthy of shipment to Watkins are used in making a classic white vanilla extract that easily stands up to the world's best.

Our Original Double-Strength Vanilla is based on the same quality that goes into our exquisite Pure Vanilla, but is fortified for bake-proof, freeze-proof, extra-strength flavor.

It's the same quality that earned Watkins Vanilla the Gold Medal at the 1928 International Exposition in Paris and a legendary reputation in homes everywhere. Certified Kosher.

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